Landauer Group History

Landauer acquired 39 Eastcheap in 1929. It is now Corals the Bookmaker.


1878    Landauer & Co. commenced trading in Manila Hemp as a partnership.

1900    Sisal trading commenced.

1918    Dried fruit trading commenced.

1966    Partnership incorporated as Landauer & Co. (Fibres) Limited.

1974    The Company now 100% owned by Arbuthnot Latham, they having acquired all the Partners' Shares.

1975    Landauer International Seafoods Limited incorporated as a trading subsidiary.

1983    Landauer Limited formed - 50% owned by Harrisons & Crosfield and 50% by the Management.  Landauer Limited being the Holding Company for Landauer Fibres, Seafoods and Produce, now trading as divisions.

1984    Marcuse Glues & Chemicals formed as a new trading division in animal glues and gelatines.

December 1989  Landauer 100% acquired by Largus AB, a Swedish trading company who also acquired other Harrisons & Crosfield international trading companies in New York and Hong Kong.

June 1990   Landauer acquired Lea Elliott (London) Limited, a trader in processed cotton fabrics.

February 1991  Largus AB 100% acquired by Salenia AB, a substantial privately owned Swedish company with a net worth of 400 million Swedish Kroner (£40m).

April 1991   Landauer acquired J. C. Gilbert Limited, a trader in animal by-products.

February 1992  Landauer Honey Limited is acquired.  Based in Cambridge, the Company refines honey for the food manufacturing industry.

June 1993   Salenia AB transfers ownership of Largus AB to Westindia AB, an associated company under the same family ownership.

April 1994   Acquired 50% interest in Ace (Collagen & Adhesives), a jelly glue distributor and speciality glue manufacturer.

July 1995   Acquired 100% interest in Hanson & Orth Fibers Inc., an international merchant trading in hard fibres based in North Carolina, U.S.A.

January 1996  Acquired 100% interest in Abaca International Limited, an international merchant trading in hard fibres based in the U.K.

June 2002   Acquired the business assets of Sea Products International from the receivers to the Fisher Group.

June 2002   Increased our interest in ACE Adhesives Limited from 50% to 80%, making it a subsidiary of the Landauer Group.

 March 2004   Cincinnati Seafood Imports is formed as part of Hanson & Orth Fibers Inc.

December 2004   Disposed of our 80% interest in ACE Adhesives to Demcopack NV, a Belgian jelly glue manufacturer and distributor.

May 2006   General Produce closed as a trading division.

February 2007   Landauer European Seafoods Limited formed, represented by Tradimer.

October 2007   Landauer Honey sold to F Duerr & Son Limited.

January 2009   Landauer Limited Scallops International Division formed.  

March 2010   Animal By-Products closed as a trading division.

 April 2015   Fibres division closed.

 June 2016   Largus acquired Uhrenholt Sarl who will be renamed Landauer International Seafood.