Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement
March 2019

1. Introduction

This statement sets out Landauer Limited's actions to understand potential modern slavery risks within the business that it operates, and further investigate the feasibility of its aim to ensure that there is no modern slavery in its supply chains.

2. Organisational Structure

Landauer is a Limited company wholly owned by Landauer AB.
This statement covers the activities of Landauer Limited and its divisions and subsidiaries (hereafter known as the Company), but excludes Sea Products International who has a separate website. It also excludes Landauer international Seafood, France, who is not a subsidiary of the Company, but is also owned by Landauer AB.

3. Supply chains and risk activities

Landauer Limited is not aware of, and has not identified, any instances of modern slavery in the following areas, but recognises that they are of a nature that is open to this risk. The risk would relate to the pay and working conditions of employees in these areas. The list is not exhaustive and may be added to should it be deemed necessary.

Production-line employees and other employees of the processing establishments that prepare and freeze the produce that the Company buys;

The fishermen employed on the fishing boats used to fish sea-caught fish and crustaceans supplied to the processing establishments;

Employees of fish-farms that produce the aquaculture produce supplied to the processing establishments, or who may also process their own produce;

Similar supply chains used in the production and manufacture of the fish food used in the farms.

4. Risk assessment

In the above cases, the risks increase in the following circumstances: in countries with little or no legislation; in countries where such legislation is not policed; where the Company is purchasing product from third parties, and so does not have a relationship with the processing establishment, or where the supply chain is relatively longer. Conversely, the risks and the element of uncertainty decrease where the Company purchases product direct from processing establishments with whom it has long-standing relationships.  

5. Policies

The Company is instigating the following policies:

5.1 Reporting - The Company is encouraging its employees to report any concerns relating to modern slavery in the supply chain, or in any other aspect of the Companies activities. Instances of concern will be taken seriously.

5.2 Code of Conduct for our Suppliers - We are in the process of encouraging our suppliers, in the first instance, to agree on a code of conduct which includes treating their employees with dignity and respect, ensuring that they have safe working conditions and that they act in an ethical manner towards them and are within the law.

6. Approval

This document has been approved by the Company's board of directors and signed by a director, and will be reviewed and updated each year.