L.I.S. - Landauer International Seafood

Prawns / shrimps at the heart of our range:

Raw or cooked.
Any presentation that you are     looking for, we will do the necessary to supply you whatever your sector is.

Prawns or shrimps from Wildcatch, Mangrove, Extensive or Aquaculture.
Certified shrimps: Organic, ASC, ACC or conventional. 

Our other products:

Crayfish: whole or peeled
Lobster and scampis
Wild Cod and salmon: MSC or conventional, without any treatment
Squid, cuttlefish, octopus in premium quality

Exclusive skin-pack for France with the Italian brand ARBI, for authentic quality recipes.

Exclusive range for France with CHATKA SELECTION: Wild Argentinian prawns

Exclusive range for European market with GOLDEN P.T.: Wild prawns from Indian Ocean.