Tradimer / L.E.S.

Landauer Ltd. Group was established as a fibre trading company in 1878 in the city of London. The seafood division was started in 1975 and has developed a reputation for integrity, quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Tradimer is the European sales office for Landauer European Seafoods Ltd, founded and headed by Philippe Windey and with headquarter based next to the shipping port of Antwerp in Belgium.

At the moment we are active in whole Europe and we offer different services to our wide range of customers in import, wholesale, retail, catering and industry.

We are specialised in working tailor made, meaning we fulfill our customers' requirements ranging from processing, packing in private label bags and master cartons, port clearing, logistic and financial support.

Selling more than 1200 containers a year and with and a turnover of 150 million USD, The Landauer Group of seafood companies is one of the biggest importers of frozen seafood in Europe.