Landauer Limited Scallops International Division is headed by Nigel Tarr who has 24 years extensive experience in the scallops and seafood Industry.

We source scallops from around the world, but mainly USA, Peru, Vietnam, Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom. Our customers are distributors, wholesalers, reprocessors and retailers, including supermarkets, who generally buy the scallops in pallet loads. The raw material is imported into Scotland and packed to our customers' specific requirements. We are able to supply the scallops in any pack size and glazing required. Our scallops can be bought both with roe on or roe off.

We pride ourselves on being a "one stop scallops shop".

We have been made aware that a number of unsolicited emails and letters have been sent fraudulently in the name of Landauer Limited, using our employees' names and bogus email addresses and telephone numbers.
Landauer directors and employees should only be contacted using the email addresses and telephone numbers listed on this website.
If in doubt please 
ring our main telephone number +44 (0) 20 7538 5383.